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Holiday Message from the CEO

We say goodbye to 2020, excited by the potential the future holds. May the New Year bring you love, joy, and prosperity.

5 Benefits of MSP/MSSP White Labeling

White labeled security solutions can save MSPs and MSSPs time and money while building new revenue streams.

How Automated Detection and Network Access Control Work Together to Improve Incident Response

Automated detection, analysis and quarantine is the key to proactive response.

Playing the Long Game for Secure Remote Access With Complete Visibility and Controlled Access

Don't leave the security of your networks to your employees. Increase your visibility and control of your networks with remote security solutions.

Better Enterprise Security Through Forced Quarantine

What can we do when a machine in the enterprise network is weak, infected, and may affect the entire network? Can we quarantine them? Find out what Aviram Jenik has to say.

Start Using Fuzzing to Improve Autonomous Vehicle Security

Every new vehicle technology introduced comes with benefits to society in general but also with security loopholes that bad actors can take advantage of.

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