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Beyond Security Reinvents its Premier Vulnerability Assessment Solution With beSECURE XDR

Introducing beSECURE XDR — the industry’s first vulnerability management platform to provide multi-layered detection and response across networks, applications, clouds and endpoints.

beSECURE Updates 10: New Features & Improvements in 2020

In beSECURE 10, we added new features including live, customizable dashboards and integrations with third-party data to improve efficiency and convenience.

5 Benefits of MSP/MSSP White Labeling

White labeled security solutions can save MSPs and MSSPs time and money while building new revenue streams.

How Automated Detection and Network Access Control Work Together to Improve Incident Response

Automated detection, analysis and quarantine is the key to proactive response.

Better Enterprise Security Through Forced Quarantine

What can we do when a machine in the enterprise network is weak, infected, and may affect the entire network? Can we quarantine them? Find out what Aviram Jenik has to say.

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